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Benefits Of Red Kidney Beans

Red Beans

Red kidney beans that have been soaked and cooked are safe and healthful to eat, however raw or undercooked red kidney beans are deadly. This is due to the presence of Phytohaemagglutinin, a poisonous protein that may be found in most types of beans but is particularly abundant in red beans, and the symptoms of toxicity include diarrhea, vomiting, and in rare cases, hospitalization, as well as the removal of this toxic protein. Red kidney beans should be completely soaked and boiled before consumption.

Benefits of Red Kidney Beans

  • Mineral-rich: red kidney beans contain varying proportions of minerals, with 100 grams containing approximately 14 percent of the recommended amount of phosphorous and 22 percent of the recommended amount of manganese; it is an important element in regulating nervous system function and maintaining brain and bone health. This amount of red beans provides a large share of the necessary consumption of other minerals, including 11 percent copper, 12 percent potassium, 12 percent iron, and 10% magnesium.
  • Red kidney beans are a good source of folate, also known as folic acid or vitamin B9, which is a vital nutrient during pregnancy. It also includes a considerable amount of vitamin K of the type Phylloquinone (in English: Phylloquinone); a quarter cup of it provides around 3% of the daily necessary vitamin K consumption, which is a crucial component of the blood clotting process.
  • Red kidney beans are a good source of dietary fiber, and a quarter cup of them provides around 13% of the daily fiber requirement.
  • Red kidney beans include resistant starch, a form of soluble fiber that may help with weight management, as well as alpha-galactosidase, an insoluble fiber.
  • Red kidney beans are high in phytochemicals, which include flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants, all of which help to lower the risk of illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, and some forms of cancer.

Nutritional benefits of red beans

Without adding oil or fats, the following table illustrates the most significant elements found in 100 grams of cooked red kidney beans.

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