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Causes Of Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation

Contrary to popular belief, mental retardation is a group of diseases that cause a sharp drop in a child’s IQ compared to the general IQ, as well as an inability to adapt to the external environment.

The causes of mental retardation

Causes that are primary (genetic).

From the moment of vaccination, hereditary traits are transmitted from parents to children through the genes, and some of these genes are carriers of negative genetic traits like mental retardation and low intelligence to a lesser extent.

These cases of mental retardation frequently appear in parents who suffer from varying degrees of these cases. In addition to being devoid of any biological reasons that may have caused mental retardation, the patient may have a low IQ or one of the grandparents or family members may be harboring the same genetic feature.

Secondary Causes

  • External conditions to which the pregnant woman is exposed, such as pregnancy at the age of Late and previous pregnancy diseases, blood group disorders, and malnutrition cases that delay the mental and physical development of the fetus, as well as diseases that the mother may suffer in general, such as diabetes, blood pressure.

German share fever, thyroid diseases, poisoning cases affecting the fetus, exposure to radiation, in addition to diseases that the mother may suffer in general, such as diabetes, blood pressure, German share fever, thyroid

  • Factors acquired during childbirth, such as the child’s preterm or late birth, as well as cases of sluggish or quick delivery and other placental abnormalities.
  • After-birth issues, such as the child’s jaundice or a shortage of oxygen to the brain, as well as other cases of skull enlargement and recent illnesses.
  • Organic sensory deficiency such as cases of blindness and deafness, peripheral sensory deficiency such as lack of interaction between family members, cases of psycho-mental disorder resulting from excessive pampering or deprivation, exposure to severe head trauma, speech disorders, and other cases of chemical poisoning are all acquired factors during the childhood period until the period before puberty.

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