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How To Deal With Indoor Phobia


A person may experience fear when confronted with difficulties and problems in his life; however, there are some things that frighten some people in a hysterical and continuous manner, rendering them unable to face them; these fears are known as phobias, and they are a type of psychological disorder that causes a person to fear certain things or situations irrationally, such as the fear of enclosed spaces such as a closet.

Sweating, a rise in heart rate, breathing quicker, shivering, feeling ill, attempting to find exits and standing next to them, feeling very terrified if they are all closed, and dread of crowding and avoiding it are all indicators of enclosed space phobia.

How To Treat Indoor Phobia

  • Facing fears requires exposing him to the thing he is afraid of in order for him to overcome the stage of fear and ensure that he is healthy and that nothing has happened to him; this must be accompanied by psychological support and guidance, and there should be someone he trusts with him to support him and tighten his determination.
  • When addressing, use relaxation methods and visualization so he can approach the source of his fear without feeling frightened.
  • Seeing other people face their worries inspires him to want to do the same.
  • Attempting to influence a person’s mind about what terrifies them.
  • Medications, such as sedatives and antidepressants, are given to the patient at the request of the treating psychiatrist.
  • Hypnosis treatment can help him distinguish between confined places in general and what he was exposed to and his bad response to it, and this can help him distinguish between closed spaces in general and what he was exposed to and his negative reaction to it.

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