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Signs Of Lies In Women

Telling lies

It is one of the most repulsive characteristics a person may possess. Lying is one of the things that God Almighty has banned, and it is also one of the things that society rejects, since it reveals a low moral character in its possessor. In addition to the holiness of lying, it has several bad consequences for the person and society; it creates numerous issues, harms others, and portrays the owner in a terrible light.

Lying is disseminated by both men and women, and despite this, women are always accused of being more capable of lying than men.

Recently, several terminology have emerged that attempt to enhance the image of lying and make it pleasant, such as white lie or politeness.

There are several sorts of lying, including justification, claiming, and defensive lying, as well as lying to avoid accountability and other explanations for lying that are unrelated to virtuous principles.

Signs of lies in women

  • stiffness of facial features, rigidity of the body, and lack of flexibility during speech and movement; as a result, a woman who lies is unable to make hand gestures and her body language is distorted.
  • Excessive stroking of the face during talking, particularly the ears and lips, as well as nose rubbing.
  • The yellowing and pallorization of the skin of the face. Lips that are dry and pale in appearance.
  • The sound of intake and exhalation becomes noticeable due to the volume of the breath.
  • Her difficulty to stare directly at her interlocutor, as well as the refraction of the eye and her proclivity to shift her glance in other directions.
  • Her brows are arched, and her brows are wrinkled.
  • She had a hard time swallowing. There were a lot of abrupt variations in her bodily motions.
  • She may state something and its opposite at the same moment, without sequencing her thoughts while speaking and uttering nonsensical and contradictory notions.
  • She was visibly tense and anxious, standing with her hands folded.
  • Her voice has a shakiness to it, and she may lose her ability to pronounce letters correctly.
  • When she believes her words and lies have been revealed, she tries to avoid specific issues and shift the axes of discourse.
  • Keep your comments succinct and to the point, and avoid categorical details. She spoke with a stammer.
  • Confusion and a desperate attempt to distract herself with something.

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