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Causes Of Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation Contrary to popular belief, mental retardation is a group of diseases that cause a sharp drop in a child's IQ compared to the general IQ, as well as an inability to adapt to the external environment. The causes of mental retardation Causes that are primary (genetic). From the moment of vaccination, hereditary traits are transmitted from parents to children through the genes, and some of these genes are carriers of negative genetic traits like mental retardation and low intelligence to a lesser extent. These cases of mental

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Signs Of Lies In Women

Telling lies It is one of the most repulsive characteristics a person may possess. Lying is one of the things that God Almighty has banned, and it is also one of the things that society rejects, since it reveals a low moral character in its possessor. In addition to the holiness of lying, it has several bad consequences for the person and society; it creates numerous issues, harms others, and portrays the owner in a terrible light. Lying is disseminated by both men and women, and despite this, women are always accused of being more capable of lying than men. Recently, several terminology have emerged that attempt to enhance the image of lying and make it pleasant, such as white lie or politeness. There are several

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