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Ways to Strengthen The Child’s Immunity

Taking steps and measures to prevent infection that he may be exposed to is something that parents strive for, regardless of their children’s health status, and some parents give this issue more importance due to their children’s suffering from Primary Immune Disorder, and although this disease is genetic and cannot be prevented, it can be Taking steps and measures to prevent infection that he may be exposed to, and the following is a list of these measures that strengthen immunity for children in general and this disease in particular.

1. Educate the youngster on the importance of handwashing and maintaining good hygiene.

The basics of handwashing, using soap and water, and rubbing hands for at least twenty seconds must be taught and practiced by the child, as handwashing and maintaining personal hygiene play an important role in strengthening the child’s immune system and protecting it from germs and preventing their spread, and it is also necessary to keep clean things that transmit germs, such as clothes and toys, and wash them frequently.

2. Stress Relief

children are exposed to some types of stress and fatigue, which makes them nervous, and in the case of stress, the immune system produces a smaller number of white blood cells that are resistant to germs, resulting in a decrease in immune system efficiency and an increase in the risk of disease. The following approaches can be taught to the youngster to help him or her cope with stress

3. sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential components for a kid’s safety, healthy growth, and the development of a strong immune system, and in order to guarantee that the child receives enough and pleasant sleep, we must focus on two primary criteria:

The child’s sleeping circumstances should be of high quality: To release the sleep hormone melatonin, which is secreted exclusively in the dark, a dark bedroom must be supplied, and all electrical gadgets in the room must be switched off before putting the kid to bed.

4. Breast-feeding a baby for long

Breastfeeding is thought to be the greatest approach for supporting a child’s immune system during his developmental stage, and the following are some details about breastfeeding:

5. Vaccination

Vaccines play an important role in protecting children from illness and strengthening their immune systems by stimulating the formation of antibodies to dangerous diseases. Most vaccinations are given at the age of months, and some are required for entering school, while others are recommended to maintain the child’s health, such as the flu vaccine, which spreads quickly among school students through coughing, sneezing, and touching surfaces.

6. healthy food and drink

Encourage the kid to consume foods from their basic sources, such as eating oranges instead of orange juice or nutritional supplements containing vitamin C, because oranges contain a variety of other important components and vitamins, both recognized and undiscovered, that have yet to be removed.

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